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Will's Winning

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Rosamond California, November 29/30.


Eikenberry and Kawasaki sweep CCS races at Willow Springs. Record laps and race wins were the order of the day for the California Superbike School's former instructor turned mechanic Will Eikenberry.


Will took his stock (pipe only) ZX-6R, 636 Kawasaki to 4 wins and the absolute track record of 1:19.520 during the weekend's events.


Will won, GTU, Sportbike, unlimited GP and Formula 40. He also got second in the GTO race after loosing 13 seconds from an off track "excursion" and set a new track record on his route to the podium in that race.


Will wants to thank: Thanks to all who helped me get to this level. Keith Code and the California Superbike School, Kawasaki, Dunlop, Silkolene, AGV Sports, KBC Helmets, Lockhart Phillips, Sharkskinz, Factory Pro Tuning, Graves Motorsports, L&L Motorsports, Yins TKD and Elka shocks.




I don't feel so bad that he walked away from me at Barber like he did. I'm not that slow, he is just that fast! Congrats Will!

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I was passed by Will in the GTO race coming out of turn 2 when he had his off-track excursion in turn 3. As I was entering the skid pan (on the same lap) Will shot past and took off. I was running 1:27s on my wife's 748 and Will made it look like I was standing still :o


I had an on-board video set-up that I was trying out for the first time but forgot to turn it on :unsure: It would have been an excellent sample of the level of Will's riding skill.

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You are, of course, a riding god! Still have fond memories of the time you came to the UK to instruct on the old ZZR600E. . . .



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Oh guys, you are not hellping at all.


Will's head is going to have to go through the garage door to get in the shop, and he'll have to change helmets :D

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Congrats on the racing Will... You ever going to try the Midwest Region? We need some new blood in Formula 40... ;)

As a matter of fact I will be looking at all the mid west and south races this summer, I have a couple of weeks long holes in our schedule.


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