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"Rossi found a space." Yes he did.

Cool find Eirik, I hadnt seen that with the commentary. Thanks for posting it up.

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I remember that one, awesome race, and those last laps...! Definitely worth watching again.

A great moment when the crew start jumping around and waving their arms everywhere. biggrin.gif



I think there are definitely things to be learnt there. When I was actually watching the race I just couldn't believe how a pass there was possible, especially listening to the commentators saying that Lorenzo had it, and as the other racers in the interview there say, "it's not a passing place". Well obviously, it did turn out to be a passing place. It just goes to show that you can't watch other peoples lines, there's not really any point in trying to watch others and look for the "passing places". Much better to improve your own understanding of the track and be willing to try different things and push yourself! If someone tells me that a certain line or something is not possible, I won't listen to them. I will go and keep trying it for myself until I run out of different ways to try it. They may have been correct that it's not possible, but finding that out for yourself is worth much more I think. Also there is always the chance that they're wrong and you'll discover something new! At least that's the lesson I took from it. And it sure seems like that is the way Rossi approached it, he didn't listen to anyone who was saying that's not a passing place.



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