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Hello From Nova Scotia, Can

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Hello all,


Just wandered across this forum by reading another forum discussing the fears of cornering and one guy said, "reading Twist of the Wrist II" is a must. So I looked it up ad found this forum as well.


Here's my story. Started riding last summer, taking the basic motorcycle safety course to get my license. Then got a ninja 250 which my gf spen more time riding than me as I was working. In about a month, we got ooh deals on 2x triumph D675 and got them and sold the ninja. 1 month later I was still breaking in he last bit of the engine and I offed in a slow corner keeping the rpm's too low. Extremely humbling experience especially when I had to go pick up the bike from one of the guys who took liberties to patronize me in front of my gf.


However, to this day I haven't been able to even lean within reason as I am absolutely terrified. Found this forum and although it is really applied in the track scenario, I am interested in honing my overall riding skills, improve confidence, and perhaps invest in riding school in the near future.

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Welcome to the forum Melly. Reading Twist II was solid advice and there is also a Twist of the Wrist II DVD that most everyone here would recommend as well. I think it is the most approachable way to get introduced to Keith's teachings as seeing is believing, right? You will also see a lot of the members here discussing attending the CSS classes. I know they don't teach in Canada but even considering you would have to travel, I cannot recommend it enough. Most of the folks here will tell you they wish they had attended a CSS class sooner. I know the coaching I have received from CSS has made an incalculable difference in my riding.


You will see a lot of discussion about track riding but I can promise you, understanding how to control your motorcycle applies no matter where you ride. Just check out this thread.


Ride safe,


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Hi Melly and welcome!


Have a look, Carey is right on the money, the techniques will apply to street riding too (we street ride when we get a chance!)


Keep us posted on your progress, maybe we could even get you to a school.




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Hi Melly,


Welcome to the forum! Definitely a good start with TOTW II, I'd recommend the DVD as well. Those will give you a good start, but what I would really suggest to give you the most benefit is attending the School. I have been riding for about 6 years and have undertaken a bit of rider training through other organisations but CSS Level 1 is what gave me the most benefit, by a fair margin. Like Carey said, there's a lot of people who wish they'd attended CSS much sooner, me included! Some people get put off thinking that they need to be at a certain skill level before attending the school, or that they need to be on a sportbike, but that's not true at all. If you know how to go and stop, can ride in a straight line & around corners, you are ready for the School.


Cya 'round the forum.





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