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Roskva electric motorcycle revealed in Norway with carbon fiber chassis and clothes


From the article: "...if you're looking to make a purchase, a hot new prototype has just been unveiled that threatens to make them all look a little bit... pedestrian"


Company homepage: http://www.roskva-electric.com/


Couple of pics too. Eirik, might be something for you ;)

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bet it cost a pretty penny too ~


That's the issue right now; they are double, even triple the cost of a gas powered bike. Once the prices come down, I would consider something like that B) .

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Wow... sounds impressive! Great to see more & more companies looking to develop electric sportbikes. Hope something viable comes through within the next few years or so... once my K6 Gixxer is too old & tired I will seriously be looking to EV options for my new track bike. Drastically reduced maintenance, consumables & running cost... can't wait!!

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