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Thank You!

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I know I can be pigheaded at times. I'm generally considered amicable, helpfull. But when I'm right, I have a poor habit of being right. Which is unfortunate when I'm actually wrong :unsure:

So here is an apology for all the questionmarks and besserwisser attitude. And a big thank you for all the inputs and help I've received here, from members and instructors.


While strolling around on backroads in the rural area where I grew up, I thought about how my riding have changed over the past two years. From just having to destroy boots from dragging and throwing sparks and getting rid of all chicken strips to not caring about any of that. Other than trying to keep my boots intact and hard parts from touching down.


The most important factor is relaxing on the bars. The relaxation seems to spread and I'm not in attack mode. Instead, I enjoy the scenery, enjoy the serenety.


Conscious use of quick-turning (which I've always used more often than not without thinking about it) toghether with one steering input per turn (very cool) have added to my safety and gives me more time to enjoy my surroundings and lets me relax as the bike takes care of itself.


Finally, early throttle application is a fantastic way to make time without stress and fight. I'm not accelerating as hard as I can because I am street riding and I'm sick of tossing my bikes down the road, but getting consistently on the throttle several seconds earlier than before - and accelerating instead of decelerating - gains lots of distance without being frightning.


Thanks to these few techniques, once I accepted that they were the way to go, have made me ride far more sensibly, slow things down tremendously (for how I observe things) while making every ride more enjoyable and far safer.


Did I remember to say thank you?




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Thank you too for your contribution, it's been more important than you'd believe. So many riders are in your situations a can relate to you and your riding.






keep working on it, and keep up your input.









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Great post Eirik! There are a lot of really knowledgeable people on this forum and I have benefitted form their sharing as well.


And thank you for your contributions as well. I have really enjoyed reading your posts.





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