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Hello From Sydney

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Hello all,


I'm a Sydney-sider who is very interested in most things motorcycling, especially riding faster. Well faster *and* making it through to the next turn. I've done Levels 1-4 and 4 again, and will almost certainly head out for more school time in 2013. Current ride is a VFR800 - one of the good ol' ones with gear driven cams.


I started racing a Hyosung GT650 locally this year, only to suffer a pretty badly broken leg in a race. Before the break I was inquiring about the process for becoming an instructor with CSS. Now I'm focussing on getting back onto the bike and track successfully, and taking my bike-craft seriously enough to start that process again! I should be racing again in November at the final round of the season.


Part of that process will be reading and where appropriate (!) taking part in the conversations on here. Be sure to let me know if I'm saying something patently wrong at any point!




PS Hi there Mugget! Any other 2wf folk posting in there that you know about?

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Welcome to the forum Rishi! I'm sorry to hear about your injury but it sounds like you are recovered and back at it. I look forward to reading your posts.


And good luck in November.




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Hey there Rishi - I had to do a double take when I saw your name popping up, then I figured you would have started an intro thread, glad I checked!


I haven't seen any other familiar faces around here...


I knew that you had started racing, didn't know about your injury though - hope you have healed well by now! And the all important question... do you know what caused the crash? And do you know how to make sure it doesn't happen again? (Not trying to start a discussion about that, having done 5 levels at CSS I'm sure you have been able to analyse that yourself!)


Looking forward to seeing you around the forum. :D

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I've run off twice (Eastern Creek Turn 1, Wakefield Park Turn 2) and have been able to work out at least a couple of things that went wrong. I'm practising lots to iron such things out of my game!


The crash in which my leg got snapped however was due to other riders crashing into each other and then sliding down the track into me, so there isn't much to be learned from that other than sometimes the completely unexpected actually does happen :(

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