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The Road Comes To You


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Not sure what the proper term is for this but hope there is enough to understand what I'm describing (...and no, I wasn't on anything - LOL)


The other day, I was driving home from work and decided to relax more than usual. It's autumn and I noticed the colors vividly and how beatiful everything was. My head was resting on the headrest and I noticed that the road seemed to come to me while it seemed the car (and me) were not moving. I was going exactly 40MPH at the time (cruise control).


I noticed that I had a full widescreen view of everything, more than I've ever experienced. After a few seconds I changed my posture and the visibility went away.


I began to think about how I can use this in my riding. I also tried to get that view back - it just wasn't the same. It was almost trance-like but I had full use of all my faculties and sensory input. I don't think I was falling asleep...


1- Can this be practiced

2- Is this the widescreen that is often discussed

3- What is this business I've heard that once you pass a certain speed (triple digits) that you experience what I expereinced at 40MPH?

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theres a widescreen drill in book 2 imho.


did you experience it during dusk/night?


im not sure if what i experienced was the same as yours as im on a bike; i was going downhill on my bike at 70km/h but on some sections, it feels like only 40km/h


Im attributing it to wider sections (wider view), better road quality on certian sections , at night (less visual "noise"), and my dopamine rush while going downhill~


i might be wrong thou. Will love to hear what others say/experience.

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I think I have experience the same before. It happens when I am fully relaxed on a casual ride. It's only happened on the track one time when my focus was like a laser, starting at comfortable pace. It broke when I got chatter from both front and rear wheels at the same time. Looked down, and I was 85mph in a corner. I was on my ninja 250 and I have been chasing it ever since then.

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I describe this as a 'trance-like' state of mind. I've experienced this a number of times when running through a wood - you don't focus on anything particular and suddenly you feel like it's not you moving through the wood, but the wood is moving past you! In order to experience this while exercising (e.g. running) you need to be fit enough that the exercise in itself isn't occupying your awareness very much.


As for the wideview drill, the TOTW2 drill is just like I learned it when playing basketball as a teenager. When running, I had a similar experience of wide-view than when playing basket, but there most felt distinctly "unfocused". It sounds to me that you have experienced a different form of wide-view than what I do.

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I think I know what you mean. I usually experience something like this go-karting. I always go at night, so it's just the track lit up with black on each side. Once I get into a good rhythm and the concentration is high, its just like you describe. And now that I think about it, it seems like I am concentrating so much at those times that I completely ignore cornering forces... Which would explain that feeling of the track coming to you.


But I'm not so sure this is actually a good or desirable thing. With that level of concentration and focusing only on what's directly in front of you you're not able to see road hazards on the side of the road, which seems to be contrary to the purpose of the "wide view". At least it seems that way to me...

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