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Superbike School In Taiwan--"official" Summary

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Taiwan Highlights, 2012


I’ll do a short version and then a more detailed one for those that are interested.


Short version: FANTASTIC! Better than I even expected. 2 flawless days, in virtually ever category: track is in excellent condition, interpreters did a fantastic job, both days were incident free, superb results for the students. The local organizers did an amazing job.


Here is a link to some of the footage:



More detailed version:


The Taiwan California Superbike School is organized by Victor Chen, and assisted by his sister Gina. Can’t say enough about these 2 and how well they brought these days off!


Arrived on Friday, a press conference on Saturday announcing the schools. Press conference went smoothly: attended by media, sponsors and celebrities (a top music producer, and a well-known singer were there, to name just a few).


After the press conference, the crew traveled by bus to the southern end of Taiwan, a 6 hour drive—no, we didn’t take the high speed rail.


The coaching staff was housed at the track’s hotel, while not yet open to the general public, it had delightful first-class accomodations. Sunday key personnel toured the track itself, and a general meeting coordinated with all staff: coaches got a chance to meet with their interpreters, got to know them and orient them on how the student training would be accomplished. At this point the coaches found out the interpreters had been studying the TWIST OF THE WRITS VOL 2 book, for many weeks, so they’d be familiar with the material—brilliant!


The track is in a complex that was an old seaplane base. Aside from the circuit there is a first-class hotel, some old buildings not in use, and a few water activities (kayaks and paddle boats). One of the Oz coaches Jason was the ringleader in organizing the kayaking, the coaches used 2-man boats, and took their respective interpreters in what turned out to be an instant race from one end of the enclosed area to the other-- it just deteriorated from there.


After being capsized by another, Oz school director Steve Brouggy got this evil grin leapt off the dock and made his day when he was able to capsize my kayak, as I was only ¾ wet by that time.


The next day was our first on track, and all students were Level 1. School got off a little late, and we ended up running right until the end of the day. We got the full day in, no incidents at all, excellent results all the way around. Some of the walls are a little close, about the only downside to the track.


Day 2 was off/on a little wet, but the track has excellent traction, wet or dry. All students were Level 2, Steve Brouggy doing virtually all the briefings over the 2 days. Again, a no incident day!


A few interesting notes:

  1. After the initial press conference, a picture taken there was on the largest news outlet in the country the next morning.
  2. The 2 leading car magazines had their Chief Editors at the schools virtually the whole time. There is no dedicated motorcycle magazine, but they are enthusiasts and support the School wholeheartedly—2 competitive magazines.
  3. 3 students purchased motorcycles just to attend the event.
  4. 3 came from outside Taiwan: one from Manila, one from Hong Kong, and another from Beijing. These are just the ones we know about!

Before leaving both students and the organizers were talking about future events were already asking about future training events!



In my final informal debriefing Victor and Gina were asking me what could be done to improve the event. I had to think about it thoroughly, went over it with Steve Brouggy…the answer is very little. It was so well organized and run, it was as if they had done many.


Personally, looking forward to going back!




Cobie Fair

Chie Riding Coach World Wide

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Dear Cobie,


Thank you for much for these great details! It's truly an honor to have this opportunity! And it's also a wonderful experience! Till now, I still think of the school days we had last week. For me, it's like a dream, but you and Steve helped make it real!! A million thanks for that!!


Respectfully yours,


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Dear Cobie,

Many thanks for pushing this first CSS camp in TaiwN come true! You and Steve brought us an amazing course ! Also many thanks to Victor and Gina to organize the great course! I am so honored to be one of the students! The experience is fantastic! I learned not just riding skill but also the importance of course organizaton! It's very helpful.

Look forward to see you again and the next course!

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Coach Cobie


My name is Andy Kang and I was one of the students. I have to say that I had the time of my life attending the two days of CSS. Unfortunetly I didnt get a chance to be your student, maybe next year? haha

I posted in the other thread about my experience so ill just keep it short here. Just want to say thank you again for coming to Taiwan and I can't wait for you and all the coaches to do it again next year!


I couldn't agree more, Victor, Gina and the rest of HDMoto did an awesome job. If it wasn't for them, I don't think we will ever get to experience CSS in Taiwan. Definitely TWO thumbs up!!


See you soon coach!


Andy Kang

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Hi Vincent and Andy,


I have been involved with the school since 1982, at many different tracks and countries. The organization and attention to detail that Victor (with Gina's help!) provided is an excellent example of how good a school can be done the very first time! They have set a new standard!


Victor, this was the highlight of my year! Hope you do a bunch more :).


Very Best,



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Cobie, nicely written! What a brilliantly run event, thank you Gina and Victor and the team.

Andy, glad you had such an amazing time!

Victor, your CBR1000RR is warming up ready for you at Eastern Creek, Australia my friend, ready when you are!



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Great write up Cobie. And congrats on the fantastic results! Is this going to be a reoccurring event? Are you hoping to make it a permanent extension of the school?

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I sure hope so. This comes under the Australian branch, headed by Steve Brouggy. But the local organizer is the one that will have to really do all the work. It will depend on a few things, one I suspect will be what kind of local support he can get. I don't know enough about their markets and which manufacturers are there, but to have a school at a high level, one needs support from the sponsors.


We will for sure do all we can to support them, and I'll attend all I can if that will help get things started.



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