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A Twist Of The Wrist Ii Ebook

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Yay!! Twist II is finally available as an eBook! I downloaded it from amazon.com yesterday, for my Kindle.


Now I can have the book with me all the time, where I can read it on my iPhone or iPad, plus it has the search function so I can search a word or phrase to get me right to the text I want to review.


Nice timing, I have a track day this weekend. :)

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Actually, you don't need to purchase a Kindle to read them, you can just download the Kindle App from the Android/Apple app markets and buy/download from there to view the books on your favorite tablet/phone.

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Got em. I'm just waiting on the Soft Science video. But that will probably never make it past pre editing or the drawing board.


Or I have the vids saved so I can watch them while traveling.

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