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2021 Riding Coach Search

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We are looking for qualified coach candidates.  The primary reason is we continue to add the number of coaches needed per School day.  Used to be 6 coaches needed.  Now at some Schools it's grown to 15. 

If you are interested, or think you might qualify, please read the following carefully, and return the application (download here).

1. Racing experience is preferred.  We have to see the riding to answer if the riding skill level will be adequate. Most of our students are
street riders, but we do need someone that can set an excellent example for a broad range of skills.

2. Friendly, personable, upbeat, high ethical standards, fit in with the rest of our team is a must.

3. Excellent communication and observation skills. Willing to be trained and do homework. The coach training is vigorous, not for the
wimpy. Every aspect of what you do is examined, honed, tested, and improved on a regular basis.

4. The positions are part time or full time (meaning doing all Schools) for independent contractors but we need a minimum of 15 school days per year.  In most cases, a coach will need to do all schools at a venue, and consider travel time.  For example, if you could only do weekends, this would not be realistic.

5.  Interviews are first, then if scheduled there is a tryout. That is usually 1 day at a racetrack.

6. After the tryout, there is a short probation period/apprenticeship, but we pay all travel and other expenses, use our bike, gear, etc. Probation period depends on you and how much work you are putting into your training.

7. Coaches are paid according to their training/skill level, how many of the training programs they have completed. Starts at
$180 per day, goes up from there.

Getting all these together in the same package is the hard part. Truthfully we are a very dedicated, serious-about-being-the-best bunch, and it shows.
About 1 in 40 that apply make it past the probation stage. 

We are a school, we train riders and racers and we do that totally. We don't give jobs to our friends because we like them.

Download the application and email it to me.



Cobie Fair

Chief Riding Coach 

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Good question!  The package that we look for is quite unique, and as I mention when I do an interview, there is a piece of this we can't train, and that is how well they communicate in our environment.  That's a whole set of skills rolled into package.  Personality-wise, have to be pretty calm, and able to listen very well.  But then also have to be able to control a wide variety of different personality types, in that coaching environment, and not make people feel stupid or belittled while doing it (they aren't, they just don't know the material yet).

This then has to be combined with the other pieces: superb rider, willing to study and learn lots of new material (that's also hard for some).  Must be able to ride and work long hot days too :)

Did that answer the first part of this?



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Cobie,  Any thoughts about coming to Mexico? 

I have done a bit of racing as well as some track days here Guadalajara Leon etc a few of the tracks, got the itch after 20 years since afm wera ama days. 

There is quite a big market here and growing. I know a few guys that have gone to the USA to take CSS school, but for many they are unable to even get a visa.

Just curious. 



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Hi Jonas,

Sorry for the lag in responding, didn't see your question.  

We don't currently have any plans to go to Mexico, but not that we wouldn't love to (I have family there!).  We did one school in Monterrey in '94.  

To make a school happen in a foreign country, we need someone there to organize it.  That can be a bit of a task.  To promote and register all the students, all the support staff and motorcycles for the coaches, hotel, travel, food, interpreters, etc.  Some have done it, that is how the branch in the UK and Oz started, with a local (and well connected) person that could put the school in place.  




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On 3/17/2020 at 11:20 PM, Graybeard said:


Very interested. Can you please elaborate on the "Part Time" statement above? What the commitment requirements are, if different then what is listed in your description?


Thank You

Hi Graybeard,

15 days a year for a trained coach can work, more is better.  The first year it takes 8-12 days to train a coach, so that initial year we need more than the minimum 15.  Getting a new coach through the provisional steps is just the start, we'll need them to keep rolling (or they loose too much ground, with a long lag between coaching).

I'm certainly looking, so if you are interested, fill out the application and send it to me, we'll go from there!



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