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VIR - May 4th

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I haven't been to VIR in years but usually there is not an issue getting there the day before.

I am also scheduled to be at VIR on May 4th-5th (I'll be riding my own S1000RR) - I will be there Sunday afternoon.

Don't know about the tires, but I would just check with JJ as early as possible - He gets pretty busy.


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VIR's staff are fantastic. Hopefully, May works out for you guys and everyone can start getting back to some sense of normal.

1) Most of the time, you can get into the paddock after 5PM or 6PM the day before. There may be a delay if there is a major professional event the day before. 

2) I have not done this before, but like Cianciotta said, I would check in early. I would probably contact Whitney at the office beforehand and see if she can check in with JJ.  Otherwise, try to catch him in the paddock early (ideally, the day before when they are setting up or asap in the morning). The mechanics have a lot of set up work in the morning, and you'll also need time to remount your rims before the day begins.


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Many come in the day before and set up, should be no problem.

Regarding tires, always good to check that we have them on hand (if buying from us), but easy to coordinate, just call the office.

As for mounting them in the morning that is no problem.  Just get the tires sorted out asap when you get there, and it will get scheduled for changing.  JJ gets the first group (white) tires ready first, easy to coordinate.



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On 1/28/2020 at 6:13 PM, Matt Hemphill said:

Couple of questions...

1.  I'll be riding my own bike and coming in Sunday night for the school on Monday.  Can I set up my pit on Sunday night?

2.  I'll  be getting Q4's mounted.  How do I schedule to have this done?  Do I just let someone know at check in?


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