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What to do to improve riding skill over the winter? Re-watch races, youtube vids?

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So...part question, part statement: what to do over the winter to not regress one's street or track riding skills? 

You could watch MotoGP in the living room, pretend you are one of those guys and lie on your side with your elbow on the ground making engine sounds...

How about a list of things that could help one's riding?  I'll start:

  • Get out and ride the dirt bike.  Besides being good fun, and good exercise, it's a nice social thing to do, even in the modern era if you want to socially distance.  Highly recommend wear all the gear, all the time and make sure it fits correctly...

OK, let's see what else we can come up with...



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For those who live in snow country during the winter one of these Timbersled setups on your dirt bike might help … it brings new meaning to dragging a knee …  😜



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That Timbersled thing looks like silly good fun!

OK, we have a list of things going, anyone want to add more? 

One thing would be to look at a winter training program.  This was big for me this last winter, helping with this year.  Does how strong or how one's endurance come into play while riding?  Faster tracks take a lot more muscle to ride than slower ones, the new track at Pitt Race is a good example...it was a workout!

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If someone is striving to get "the most" out of their track time I believe being physical fit makes a huge difference.  I define getting "the most" as riding with greater precision, better control of the motorcycle, lower lap times and the physical and mental stamina to comfortably handle all riding sessions on really hot days. Riding a race track well is not easy and can be very physically demanding, just like any sport or physical activity when one is pushing to improve.

To your question about winter training programs, for me working on fitness has always involved some kind of cardio workout, strength training and a steady regiment of yoga. I find it important to mix up my workouts on each of these three (cardio, strength, yoga) so things don't get stale.  I'll also add that as an older rider coming back from some significant injuries, getting back in shape is not an easy journey but it is more important than ever!  Still have a long way to go to reach my fitness goals. 

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I like that Timbersled - I think it would get me into a lot of trouble, but in a fun way. 

Agree with the dirt biking and doing fitness.  I have a trials bike here which is about the most fun you can have going slow, plus good for bike handling.  Also, mountain biking combines a bit of fitness and keeps bike handling skills fresher. 

My fitness usually involves a lot of core work - using a wobble board or doing push-ups even with one foot off the ground creates instability and works the little, fine-tune muscles.  A personal trainer friend is a firm believer that the entire body works as one together so creates programmes that reflect this, as opposed to doing heavy squats, heavy bench press, etc.  


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