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Loosing Track Sense Of Speed On The Street


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09092011736.JPGAfter Level 1,2,3 at CCS my tolerance to speed had sky rocketed as well as my ability to flip the bike at higher speeds. Soon after CCS I ate twistees for breakfast

and was 4 to 5 turns ahead of my riding pals (that ride pretty darn well btw). Tires leaned to edge no problem did'nt even brake a sweat. About four trips after with my pals I have noticed my speed

tolerance has gone down and I am not leaning bike as much. I understand that the street is no place to ride at your limit but I feel I am loosing my edge...maybe time

to get back and do 3 & 4 at CCS. Anybody else go through a performance downer? what to do to get the mojo back up?

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I have experienced something similar. I was worried about exactly what you are talking about this summer. Between my first and second level 4 classes, I felt that I was losing pace on the street and I was concerned. However when I got to the track I posted my best lap times to date (still slow but it's all realitive :P .


As I have progressed through the CSS levels over the past 2 years I have noticed my lap times steadily decreasing, my comfort level on the bike increasing, and yet I'm not wearing the edges of my tires nearly as much on my street bike as I was before CSS. I attribute this to improved form that allows me to take an exit ramp more comfortably and at a faster pace with less lean angle. That said, I am not comfortable increasing the speed to a track pace because the very education that is making me faster is also telling me there is a time and a place for everything. Some jack wagon with a leaky transmission can ruin your day.


That said a refresher class is never a waste of money :D .

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Carey, et al,


I noticed when I didn't get back to the track and work the skills in an envinroment free of distractions, my skills would deteriorate. There was a period of a few years didn't do any track riding (back then they didn't really have track days, had to race), and just saw a gradual deterioration.


Getting on the track yearly, maybe a little training and expert coaching tossed in there too (but you'd EXPECT me to say that :)).




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Thanks to all, I feel you are all right to an extent. No doubt my skills have gone way up after CCS. As Cobie states if you are not at the track you will loose skills. There is just no way to ride on the street as you would on track. I have a refresh 3 and level 4 programed for 2012. Got get back on track before the end of the world! ;)

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its definitely something that you have to keep doing. usually after a couple of laps after a week break is enough to get you going again. grippy tires help out as well. as long as you have confidence over your gear, all should be the same. riding is something like a head game. i usually back down a lot after a crash. typically takes me several sessions to get back in to it. unless your getting paid, you shouldn't really rush into it. better to be safe than sorry in the end.

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