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Great Video Of The School!

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Hi All,


Some great interviews/testimonials from students. Unscripted, some good stuff in there, and a good variety. Let us know what you think. They are in 3 seperate posts.






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Great Vids,

Its nice to hear different peoples honest opinions regarding what they have learnt at the school.

I think everybody who rides would gain some form of improvement(s) and should at least consider doing level 1, or if possible a few hours on the slide and break bike.


Maybe something that can be thought about for learner riders aswell :rolleyes:


PS hope i am still able to get on a 600 super sport when i'm 75 :D , Fair play.......





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Great videos Cobie and the mirrored my experiences exactly. The education is priceless (especially when it saves your bacon, thanks for that by the way) but another thing that impresses me about CSS is how consistent the student experience is. It looks like these videos were shot in California but here on the forum we have riders from all over the world saying the same good things about the CSS program. That kind of delivery is very impressive.


So what's the plan for the videos? Do you have a viral marketing campaign in the works :) ?

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And I'm with Easty, I hope I'm still on a 600 when I'm 75. I think that kind of attitude will keep you young at heart.



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Excellent videos, Cobie. I like in particular the 75y old guy and the father/son competing about who's fastest :D


Just brilliant stuff.



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Wow - great vids! Fantastic to see Gary Stewart out there! biggrin.gif


I also like the 'look' of the picture, the color grading, whatever you call it... some nicely produced videos there.


Now it's just made me want to go to an overseas school so I can ride the trick bikes.

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