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Great Results After Attending Css

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Hi All,


Just wanted to give some feedback and let all the CSS crew and others who may be considering doing the school know about some great success (I think) that I had after attending the CSS. My case is a bit different, because I only completed Level 1 yesterday, but I had already had some pretty good success... reason being that I actually went out to Queensland Raceway for Coach Tryouts last September. Even though I was not there as a student, and did not have a Coach assisting me, I still managed to take away some great points from the day.


The very next track day I started off in Intermediate - Slow group which I had been riding in for years previously. A few laps in I was starting to feel that everyone was just getting in my way... going too slow... or could I have been going that much faster after putting to practice those few points I'd learnt at CSS? I moved up to Intermediate - Fast and felt much more comfortable. I thought maybe that there were just more slower riders than usual in the Slow Intermediate group, but I don't think that was the case. In December last year I went to my 2nd track day after being at CSS, except this time there weren't as many riders and they combined Intermediate Fast with Advanced (guys running slicks and tyre warmers). I was a bit nervous of being out of my depth with those fast guys, but as the day went on I was surprised to find that there were only 3 or 4 riders who consistently lapped me each session. Maybe there weren't that many from Advanced group there? Perhaps. But I'd expect to be passed alot more by people using slick tyres, especially since I was 'only' using Power Pure's... But after those days were done, I could only credit CSS with the improvement in my riding.


Getting in to actually complete Level 1 as a student was a priority, and helped to round out my understanding of all the Level 1 drills. Having Tony (my Coach) point out some things that I was doing helped me to correct some bad habits as well. Notable points of the day included learning how to ride off the track and into a gravel trap at well over 100km/h (for anyone who has not done CSS, don't worry - this is definitely not part of the curriculum. tongue.gif ) I had never left the track at anything close to that speed before, let alone into deep gravel. I kept it up, pretty sure that was during the session we were working on the 'funky chicken' drill. Timely information, yeah I reckon there is some benefit to it. biggrin.gif The other great thing about having a Coach is that they can point out what areas you're doing really well in. Tony mentioned early in the day that he noticed I was using the quick steer, but once we got to the quick steer drill and I began to concentrate on it, that was pretty good. I found out that I can do a pretty mean quick steer, which is good to know - something else that I can work to improve. Accentuate the positives, right?! biggrin.gif


I had mentioned to a friend that I was going to do CSS, and asked if he wanted to come as well (he had recently traded his K4 GSX-R1000 for a new GSX1400). Strangely though, he said he didn't want to do CSS on the 14, but would take it to a track day. I'm not sure why he was thinking that way... but my experience was that I was actually uncomfortable in the very first session because the pace was so slow. Not yesterday when I was attending as a student, but when I was there for the very first time in September for the tryouts. As a track day regular it was something very different from what I was used to. My usual rhythm was thrown out of whack as I tried to fit in with everyone else using 4th gear and no brakes... with a regular track day as my only frame of reference to track riding, I was actually expecting to see a black flag pointed at me... but of course I didn't, and then I realised that my mate with the GSX1400 shouldn't have been worried about not having a sportbike, because you just ride at whatever pace is comfortable.


All up it was a great experience, but now the work really starts and I have to practice what I've learnt. I ought to have plenty of opportunity for practice during the 5 prepaid track days that need to be used before July. Ah, the things some people are made to do! I'm not expecting quite as dramatic an improvement as I saw after my initial exposure to CSS, but I'm sure the benefit will definitely be there and I'm looking forward to see what I can do. From July onwards I'll be making plans and looking forward to completing Level 2, can't wait!

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