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Andy Ibbott Update End Of April

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Andy Ibbott, is making great improvements following a stroke which he suffered just six weeks ago., in fact he's even been allowed some home visits to see his family, which show just how good his progress is going. Andy has Physio every week day and is now walking 25 metres with a little support, getting the hip, knee, ankle, toes and heel mechanics all in the correct sequence to take a step! When not being put through his paces Andy has been catching up on missed Moto GP and WSBK.


The family and school would like to thank everyone for the messages of support from around the world, which have been a morale booster during this difficult time. Updates on Andy's progress will contnue to be posted on the CSS UK website.


The School continues to be delivered to the same high standard worldwide with Keith Code and other trained Seminarists delivering technical briefings in Andy's absence.



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Thanks for keeping us up to date on Andy's progress. It is fantastic to hear that he is making such great progress so quickly (and that he is catching up on his racing :D). Tell him we are all still thinking about him here on the board and hope that he continues the great progress.




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Best wishes for Andy to have a speedy recovery, any updates?


He walked 2 miles recenlty! Let me have one of the UK lads give us the full rundown though.



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This is the latest from Donna:



Andy Ibbott update


Racing ahead with his recovery

Well, after being discharged from hospital mid June, having been told to rest and recuperate...likely story!


We are now still less than six months from Andy's stroke and already he is up to walking 2 miles daily. For those of you that didn't already know, Andy was left with paralysis down the right side of his body. With the help of the Physio team at Northampton hospital who helped him take those all important first few steps.


Since discharge Andy has been working closeley with Neuro Physio Jon Graham and his team. Physiofunction are specialists in their field and are not limited to working with stroke patients but also people with head and spinal cord injury, MS and many other neurological conditions. Jon himself is training for an Iron Man and is a bit of a loony like Andy so they get on well together. Andy's walk and movement in his arm is now much stronger.


Andy is completely taken aback by the many well wishers, cards and presents he has recieved. Thanks to all and special thanks to Andy Mcknight for the trophy!, Alex and Mike for the T.shirt (can't really publish the photo but will send on), Spidey & Badger for the Monty Python Tees (those we can print!) TT for the beautiful silverware from India and Alan, Christopher and Mike for the book from the UAE.


You can still leave or read the many messages on our guestbook - http://www.superbikeschool.co.uk/sslgb.php



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Andy Is still progressing. He is still walking up to 2 miles and has now got a Spin-Bike which he can do 10 minutes on at a time.


He had a small operation on his voice box last week and can now shout, although we're not sure if we are all completely happy about that.........!


He is planning on being in the office all next week so that is a major step.


He is also back on Twitter so if you want to send him a message or read one of his random ones (they were pretty random before the stroke!) follow him @aibbott

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Here's the latest from Donna:


Andy has made remarkable progress over the 10 months following a massive stroke and has returned to work at the UK operation's Silverstone HQ.


Andy's recovery to this date has been made possible by many factors including his own dogged determination and help from Neuro Phsyio's Jon Graham and Kirsten Good from PhysioFunction.


"Andy is one of those most committed clients that I have had the pleasure of working with. His progress to date has been outstanding" said Jon. "He has set the ultimate challenge for himself and his therapists: to complete the Marathon Des Sables. I am worried he is going to pull this off as I promised that I will join him in his endeavour."


Becky Blagdon his Speech therapist has also played a significant role in his recovery to date.


Andy set himself many goals in place along his road to recovery and one of those was to get back to driving - that goal was achieved last week when he passed his assessment to drive a car again, with adaptations. His colleagues are confident that once driving his attention will turn to getting back out on track on a bike.


Andy plans to be at many of the UK school dates this year supporting the CSS team and chatting with students;


"I can't wait to get back" said Ibbott "All the team and students have been so supportive, I can't quite believe the number of messages on the guestbook, cards and well wishes I received."

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Some people just give up, others do as told and some really dig in when they are hit by something devastating - good that Andy is of the latter type :)


great to hear andys progressing well , look forward to seeing him later in the year .

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