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Favorite Keith Code Quotes Or Articles?


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So, forum peeps, do you have a favorite Keith Code quote? There are a ton of his tech points that rattle through my head when I ride, but he has written some other things about the art of riding that I really enjoyed reading.


Here's one of my favorites quotes:


"Ignoring risk is a by-product of passion." -Keith Code


What sayeth the forum, anybody else have some favorites?

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Here's another one of my all-time favorites:



We worship FORCE and it is packaged nicely for us by the manufacturers. We've prayed for and were promised direct, hot-wired, carbon/titanium spiritual enlightenment through track proven, saint tested technological advancements and all of our prayers were answered.


- Keith Code



Anyone know what that is from?

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Cult of force. Very nice! And a great article.


For me it is this:


"I've never been all that interested in racing - I just wanted to ride."


That really spoke to me, as while I am a racing fan, I'm not a racer at heart. I just want to ride. That quote is the first line of the introduction to TOTW. I read it standing in a bookstore aisle and it made me buy a book that I had originally thought was only going to be for racers. That's how I became acquainted with the Guru of this cult of motorcycle education.

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