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Confidence, Shaken, Not Stirred

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I personally:


-stick with 75% of my capabilities.(i lower to 60 if i sense something is amiss, more buffer on public roads)


-dont be overconfident (from a scale of 0-10 , be a 9)


- go for a ride during the early/late hours of the day, less traffic = more of the 10 buck to use on checking on mistakes and correcting them + building solid skills


-make sure my body (both physically and psychologically) is prepared for the ride , no matter how long or short. (hydration, nutrition and good rest)


-be humble, let your skills do the " talking "


-ride everyday if possible (even if its a 5-10 min grocery run ) so as not to become "rusty"



just my 2c :)

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Where is this happening? Track, street, both? Is there an incident replaying in your mind? I think ktk_ace listed some good ideas.

Hi All


Shaken, if not shattered, confidence has become an issue for me. I'll welcome any posts or messages with your thoughts on the topic.





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In what area is your confidence shaken? Is it something with the bike itself? Worries about traffic or other riders? Have you been off the bike for a while? Did something that you thought was true turn out to be untrue?


Help us get an idea of where you confidence has suffered, that should make it easier for us to offer suggestions.

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I can relate to your statement. SInce I tried to ride the CSS way (I'm only riding streets) I have struggled a lot with confidence. Every time I felt I had a break-through, an unexpectedly sliding tyre would tamper with my nerves again.


At the tail end of last season, I finally began to feel confident again at moderate speeds, but early on this season I wasn't too happy. But after a short while, I stopped trying, I simply ride at a pace where I am relaxed. That was at first very slow, but I didn't push it. Also, I try to stay off the brakes and alter the speed with the throttle most of the time. And I'm finally getting the confidence recuired to be consistently early with the throttle and feeling relaxed about it.


I no longer care about how far I lean the bike. Instead, I ride no faster than I can see the road to be clear. Also, I leave margins for dust and dirt on the road. Having margins and not worry about chicken strips or others riding faster have given me a big boost in confidence. However, no longer do I ride like I used to most of my 30+ years as a rider; confident but without much margins.


Not sure if my babble made any sense...

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I use an NLP style movie technique ...whenever I make a riding error I replay the incident in my head (back and forth, back and forth) until I find out what I could have done differently and how a critical situation could have been avoided altogether....works for me... the subconcious mind can't really tell the difference between reality and a good visualisation.

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Just ride slower and look farther away and your confidence will naturally come back.




"When speed and time become vague, your SRs tend to spring into action, and either freeze you in the doubt of the moment or promote nervous, poorly timed, and unneeded corrections like stabbing the brakes or chopping the throttle." - Keith Code

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After not riding for most of the winter, I was very rusty, lower confidence, nerves etc. I think we need some more info about your issues and type of riding.


Just got done with first of this season track days this past weekend. The first 2 sessions were horrible-I mean horrible- throttle control awful, reference points ######, etc i felt and looked like that guy going in circles in the parking lot in twist 2 video.


Sat out the session After lunch, thought about what my goals were for the day, went out he next 2 sessions at about 60% working on points and throttle control. Slowly working up the speeds, pace and changing some points. By the last 2 sessions I was threading thru traffic no problem. The next day was I was able pick up from there and continue to pick up be pace.


By the end of the weekend i got bumped to the advanced group with NESBA. So back it off some figure out where the issues are and work on those, then things will start to click again.

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