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Your Desire?

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Out of the current production bikes, which one do you lust for the most?


I feel confident my own choice will not be shared by many, since the current bike that appeal the most to me is the W800 from Kawasaki.


For a street bike, the F800, probably the ST version. What a pleasure to ride, can go fast, no one will expect you to be zipping along.


Track: haven't ridden the rest, but love my S1000.



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Street- Honda Shadow 750, I know, I know but man after my 2200mi trip on my CBR600RR across country it would have been a hell of a lot more comfortable on a bike like the shadow. It's not big and heavy, very comfortable and still somewhat agile.


Track- Although I love my Daytona 675, the 2012 CBR1000RR would be my weapon of choice! Doesn't have the HP of the S1000 but the Honda fits me better.

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Sadly My true desire in a street bike doesn't really exist. What I really want is a Multistrada or a FZ-1 with a shaft drive, commuting 500 miles a week and chain drive just don't mix but I'm just not ready to switch to a full on sport tourer


For the track, I really like the RC8

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For the track, I really like the RC8

Two RC8's showed up this past weekend at NOLA for the track days. That bike looks and sounds great, plus it appears more comfortable than the Panigale (which there actually are quite a few around here). A nearby dealer has an RC8R production racer for sale but my wife won't go for the $18k price tag.

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S1000 RR HP4, which should be arriving any day now. Yippppeeee!


Ok jealous now. :wub:


After riding the S1000RR for the first time with CSS in 2010 it had been my dream bike. Primarily because it was a powerful machine that would match up, and grow, with my skill level. This summer I finally picked one up and it has not disappointed.


If we are simply talking lust, I would have to say the EBR 1190RS. I have no idea how it rides, but the buzz is strong on performance and after what HD did to Buell, I would really like to see EBR successful.


Plus it's cool looking. :P

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Hmmm... Tough question.


My ultimate bike of all time is the Desmosedici RR. Not a current production bike, but most used ones would be like new anyway!


If I had to choose a current bike for the track I think I would really like to try out an RSV4. I first rode an Aprilia a month or so ago, test riding an RS4 (125cc 4T) for a friend - yes you've gotta rev it like all small capacity bikes, but there's a certain satisfaction in riding down the street with the throttle to the stop anyway. But the handling/chassis/geometry was something else... Sooo good!! I've never ridden anything like it, it feels like it spoils the rider with a lot of confidence by integrating well with the rider & giving good feedback. So many other bikes I've ridden take a lot of effort to achieve the same feeling, but the RS4 did it straight away.


And seeing as I'm entering a kind of supermoto phase now, I'd also have to consider the SXV550.


For street, that's something I still haven't figured out, my Gixxer is my do-all bike, but its too much on the street. I start having fun & end up riding way too fast (too fast for the speed limit, not too fast for me). I think going back to a small capacity bike would be more fun, they can be revved out a bit more without going so fast. Street Triple maybe?


But judging from the replies & what I've seen it does seem that BMW are doing something right.


The EBR 1190 looks like a really interesting bike as well, especially when its being ridden around the I4 Jap bikes in a manner you wouldn't think is possible!

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Well I look at a bike from the perspective of;

I have to maintain it and pay for that and spend the time to do it. So tires and how fast they wear out, how hard it is to access the valves and how often do they need to be done, do I need special 1 off electronics tools for maintenance on the bike that I likely wouldn't use elsewhere as well as all the other maintenance needs that come along, with riding 25,000+ miles a year they come fast and often. So money and time on maintenance are my main considerations. If I suddenly could double my income I would prioritize differently as then I could likley have a designated track bike and a couple different street bikes for varied uses.

I ride 500 mile day rides nearly every Sunday on the best roads I can find, so it has to be comfortable and handle well.

I take it to the track several times a year, so it has to be competent there as well. I can only afford 1 bike, so it has to do it all.


At any rate, currently I own a Kawasaki ZX6R and like it very much. I wouldn't take it hiway droning as ASLCBR600 attested to but, 500+ miles on twisty challenging roads in a day is very much in my comfort zone. It has been bulletproof on everything except the clutch release switch, which I finally simply bypassed after 6 switches had been replaced in 50,000 miles.


I'd love to ride a 2012/2013 ZX10R for a few weeks or longer to see how I like that and how it fits me, but for now I love me the 600cc class bikes and Kawasaki's have always treated me very well.

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Since I started track-only riding my interest in new bike models has really waned. I still read the magazines and go to the shows, but I can't see myself ever buying a new production bike again. I really like "simple" bikes (air cooled, no ABS, TC etc), which are pretty darn rare these days.


Once upon a time, Ducati was selling track-only versions of their DS1000 Supersport. I'd be all over something like that if it still existed, or a track version of Honda's CB1100R concept.




If I started street riding again it would likely be on a BMW boxer of some description.

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