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  1. Thanks for discussing this with a SPOILER ALERT as I've not yet seen the race on my DVR. Having now seen the YouTube it doesn't look like a quick flick related crash to me. I'm with Dylan on the front end push but there also seems to be some rider induced instability with the timing of his body shift- the bike seemed to come back at him.
  2. Data acquisition can reveal what happens in these crashes. Too bad the teams don't release the data or investigation results.
  3. Yes, there is a conflict. Having only experienced riders mandates that the school is not a place for mindless automatons who accept on blind faith. In the learning process we do a comparison of old information and new and this is what allows a person to choose a change. Fortunately we are predisposed to wanting said change after convincing ourselves that CSS can help and putting our money behind that faith. I think however you raise another good point- how to evaluate from a fresh perspective? That idea may be worth many mental gymnastics.
  4. OMG, What a race! The battles were phenomenal, no way to know how the order was going to shake out after the first couple laps, battles and passes everywhere, names toward the front that you don't normally see. I won't spoil the race results, but you'll be glued to the TV if you watch this one!
  5. I can relate. The other day, I practiced my 2/3 step and wide view in the car and found that I had to time share those two skills. When I wanted to identify and select a TP or apex, my attention narrowed. Corner exits was a reminder to go wide again and I found it easy. If I were in a repetitive road (track), I might find this easier (?) to work on. The idea that wide view is a mental facility makes theoretical sense to me, but feels like it might also be an eye thing as there is some perceptible passage of time in shifting focus (saccadic masking???).
  6. I was going to say overbraking but as I thought about it, I'm not so sure it's an error. The rider will be slow for sure, but an error would lead to a crash, whereas backing off the pace necessarily wouldn't. Generally poor vision leads to the above condition but it's the result that's observable, not the apparent error as you asked above. Some riders can be seen making multiple steering inputs and it's very common as well as being stuck on the throttle.
  7. Good explanation on the above. Thank you. The line is only as good as it allows you to apply TC Rule#1... and since he can do that then it's a good line for this rider/bike combo.
  8. One of the things that this rider does differently is that his entry position isn't as wide as mine, which is what I meant by doesn't care about straitening the corner. He's doing it consistently in a couple corners not for passing purposes. Sidebar question: Are the TP Xs at the school intentionally placed for learning purposes and perhaps aren't the "ideal" TP but are so placed because they work for the greater majority of students and therefore is determined the best location? It does appear that he has a HP disadvantage as the rider he caught at about the 6:00 mark just walked (more like sprinted) away from him on the front straight.
  9. Wouldn't it be nice if we can attend CSS every weekend until we were perfect at riding? Yes, that would be ideal but not very practical. In between schools, time elapses - sometimes a few weeks and sometimes a few years. Many of the skills can be practiced on every ride but some things are easier, simpler and better worked on in the safety of a closed course and with the help of a knowledgeable coach. It's somewhere between the ranges of tough and impossible to coach oneself, something that self-driven people often don't realize (I'm guilty). In between my CSS times, what are some of the strategies and methods that I can employ to abate the weeds (of old and bad habits) while I work on my garden (of riding skills)? Thanks.
  10. I pickup a few new capabilities and haven't yet had enough time with them to readjust my riding to suit. It's possible that it's fixed, but I'm eager to get back to it to be certain lest old habits come back like weeds in my garden.
  11. Well, I wish that I could enter faster (we've talked about that) and I wish that I could change lines mid-corner better (really helpful for double apexes) and I wish I could steer faster. Is that 2 wishes or 3?
  12. "it seems he can maneuver the bike in ways that I wish I could". I'll have to watch again to understand better. It seems to me that you give this rider a high grade. I can see that it's possible to go much faster in sections where I was going slower, which is nearly the whole track. One of the things that I see is that he seems to use the brakes a lot less than I. Somewhere, I'd picked up the mistaken belief that I need to compress the forks to get the bike to steer which clearly I don't after specifically working on my steering during one of my sessions.
  13. Bad is probably a misnomer, but you certainly lose out on the benefits of being on the throttle. Can you name them?
  14. @mugget Interesting observations. Makes me wonder: what really causes a tire to lose grip. Race announcers are always talking about it, especially in MotoGP. When they show the bikes in Parc Ferme, I don't see worn tires.
  15. Having recently completed L3/4 at this circuit I am aghast at how stinkin fast this guy is and the lines he's using. I'm wondering if he's on a 300 because it seems he can maneuver the bike in ways that I wish I could. It looks to me like he could care less about straightening a corner. Even the double apex, how can he do that!?!!!