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  1. Hmmmm.....bookmarking this thread to come back later.
  2. Yes, that IS sad.
  3. YSR50 is street legal???? Oh my!
  4. Hotfoot- As I give this more thought, I'm wondering if ground clearance might be the real limiting factor for both a streetbike or a trackday/ racebike. This might be worthwhile to engineer a solution, and I believe that would be the major obstacle. I'd start with a V5 engine to get really good, decent power and a slim design, fully modern adjustable suspension and a rear-end on the order of Honda's Unit Pro Link swingarm design. Another thought- Not imported into the US was the much clamored Honda CBR400RR. I know a guy- okay I don't really know him except we've chatted online who's doing a restore on his 2nd one. I think the 1st is about ready for sale and trust me....it's a thing of beauty. If you came across something suitable for your needs, are you considering a purchase?
  5. Have you tried the ergos of the Grom or one if its competitors? it's 30" seat height.
  6. My suspicion is that with the increased racing of 300s you might get your wish. WSS even has a 300cc class this year.
  7. I'm a Honda fan and have been for a long time since reading a biography about Mr. Soichiro Honda, but this is the type of internal politics that turns me off of them. They did the same thing when Nicky Hayden was with them; favored Pedrosa in the design of the RC-212 (800cc) bike and IIRC the final design of the RC211V (990cc)
  8. Ahhhh....just reminded me: I've got a set of rotors I need to fit. I got them for the same reason you did, but also I had one that had excessive runout.
  9. What made you choose this one over the other 2?
  10. Anything close to this?
  11. Cobie- I realize now that this was one of the tell-tale signals that told you that I had a steering problem and you sent me over to do the steering drill. In retrospect, I think I wore myself out hanging off when not needed.
  12. I know this is a much anticipated season opener!
  13. I want to be you when I grow up! (minus the required sex change -LoL)
  14. Aliki- Once you get them perfected you should offer your socks to Military Ground forces. It's a huge morale booster having good, clean socks AND if they contribute to health, that keeps that ground-pounder out in the field, increasing unit effectiveness. Initial training is where a lot of foot injuries are seen, so if your product can help reduce that you'll make several Billion, many times over. Now, go make some money and thank me later. Or, call me if you need a lead.
  15. I do it on occasion when I street ride. It mainly is just to make me feel good inside (small dose of vanity)...chasing the mental image of a guy I saw years ago get stupid low around a 90 degree corner. I don't see any downside from doing it EXCEPT the perception that you're hotdogging....and hanging-off for some reason causes the right wrist to roll on that thingy on the handlebar. You are committed to making the turn- there's no last instant change because a bozo is coming at you, must have that worked out beforehand. When I have a junior rider following me, I move over into position to signal to them that a turn is coming and I'm going that way and this much.