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Phillip Island Australia

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Hi Dark Suzuki,


The Island is for sure a pretty fast track, but it's designed that way, so there's alot of space in the turns. With all that space you almost don't notice the speed. It's all relative.


Doing Level 1 will be a great introduction to what many consider one of the world's best tracks. We'll build you into gradually, and by the end of the day I think you'll find you'll be pretty comfortable (at the very least).


A tip for riding it? Well, it's just another piece of asphalt isn't it? Treat it as you would any other road or track and we'll take it from there :)


Look forward to riding with you. Come say hi and introduce yourself on the day.

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If I could work it, be really good to do Level 1 and then Level 2 if you can, one day after the other.



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If you can get your head around 4 gear no brakes, throttle control, target fixation (dont do!), look were your going and ask as many questions as you can. No question is a stupid one. All the instructors are there to make you into a great rider. Do all 4 levels and you wont beleive what you will be able to acheive.

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Hey Dark,


I did my first Phillip island track day a few weeks ago and it is really quick compared to eastern creek, I did find this clip to be useful just to teach me the track, markers and stuff may have changed since but its still pretty much the same. I also just got back from 3 days @ the PI GP and if you can get some footage of Casey sliding the cR$$p out of the rear @ turn 3 you'll freak. Take it easy into turn 4 (right hander) the lefthand side of the tire gets heaps of work around the track not too much on the right. Anyway hope this footage helps



Im on the waiting list for the 31 oct or 1 nov so if Im lucky might see you there!



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