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  1. Elton, Great note! Thanks for posting it. Of course, we all know Toohey's a star. Doesn't hurt to have it reiterated though does it All the best for your schools this year. That track you got there at Thunderbolt is a real good place to ride. Adam
  2. Hi Richard, All the best for your shoulder recovery. Look forward to having you at a school event when it's all mended and ready to go!
  3. I got the spelling wrong then. My bad. That said, Steve's kids were calling him Mickey Mouse today when we caught up
  4. DB, Sounds like quite a day! Glad you enjoyed it Level 3 for sure is physical. You know those sore muscles.....They're the best ones for riding! Get them strong, and the benefit is massive. See you for Level 4 sometime, or maybe at a track day. All the best, Adam
  5. Wow! That's a cracking piece of feedback. Thanks for posting, and glad you enjoyed your day so much! Mickey's a talent no doubt, and a good guy to boot That's a nice shot of yourself you've go there too!
  6. Lookin good from what I can see in those shots.
  7. Hey Cobie, I did go pretty good.....well, kinda. We had 3 races, and my results sheet read 1st place, DNF-Crash, DNF-Mech. Hope to do more of it, and I can see it being of great benefit to my riding and coaching. I don't have any shots of the race weekend, but I've popped one up that was taken at the test I did on the bike I'm hoping to race next year. It's in the "shots of yourself" (or something like that) thread. Cheers
  8. Hi Dylan, Sorry to hear about your fall mate. Never a pleasant thing. For what it's worth, I would tend to think along the lines of Bullets and Jaybirds comments. The best solution to post crash confidence issues is found in gaining an understanding of what you did as a rider to contribute to the fall. Unfortunatley in the scenario you outlined, it's possible that you did everything correctly, and went down due to the gravel rather than any particular error on your part. Such are the risks of riding the road - an uncontrolled environment. Just out of curiosity, which SR's do you f
  9. Hey Tweek, I don't know the track your talking about, but the scenario you mention is familiar to me. At what point in the turn do you realise you've braked too hard, and that you're now going to slow? For example, is it before the apex, right on it, or after the apex?
  10. Missed the slip road? Last time I checked, the shortest distance between two points was a straight line. I was simply making the most efficient use of the available space.
  11. Ha. Very clever Stuman. But Pete, I still look forward to reading some posts from you.....
  12. Wipes, I tried that one on too (skipping the squid bit). My request was similarly denied. Look forward to reading your posts I guess
  13. Classic thread! I know you guys are aware of Mikey's fondness of a nanna nap. Having seen it for myself in Europe I suggest maybe there's a nickname in it. Dude falls asleep on trains, on buses, planes, cars........transport is his sedative. Nanna? or maybe just Nan for short?
  14. Db, Yes, level 3 will give you some ammo to use against those "knee down devils", and alot of it will relate to how you use your body in your interaction with the bike. Happy riding until we see you in December!
  15. Interesting topic kawadude. A lot of riders will have some experience to share on this one for sure! Sounds like you've got a good idea on what happened. Certainly from the info you've given, it checks out. Big lean, too much gas, rear end low side. Fajita Dave's point in his last post about changing lean and adding gas together is a good one too. This would have definately contributed if it was the case. Particularly as you say you were running wide. Is it possible you made a small steering input in the middle of the turn to try and get back on line?
  16. Classic. Yamaha have done a few clever vids like this recently. The one with the MotoGP riders at the Yamaha factory, and teh one with James Stewart responding to rumours on the new YZ-450F. Funny, and clever, and cool to see the riders in a light hearted way.
  17. Welcome Ozfireblade, Thanks for joining up to the forum. At all our Phillip Island Ride Day events a Superbike School coach runs a "First Timers Program". Part of this program is an off-track drill from the level 1 course. It's short, but very effective, and actually covers the point you have in question. You'll get an intro to the coach running the program at the riders briefing, and they'll take care of you from there. By the time you finish the actual level 1 course, you'll know exactly what the steering process involves. Come say hi at the track so I have a face for the name
  18. If he was going to do anything to avoid hitting you Jody, he would have needed to do it back before he came into that camera's view. I'm with Bullet. That's about as bad a judge of speed and distance as I've seen. We run Track Days here in Oz as well as the schools, and for sure, we'd be tracking that guy down. Hope you heal quick and get back to the track soon.
  19. Welcome to the forum Ash. Thanks for joining! We'll be seeing you soon......
  20. Great success Hotfoot. Thanks for lettin us know.
  21. Yep, they use sliders on their elbows.......
  22. It does seem a little high, but I guess he would know. How did it feel to you when you were on the track? We run our Dunlop Qualifiers at 30psi front and rear (or there abouts). It does help them heat up a bit, but they definatley overheat by the end of a 20 minute session if your having a bit of a go.
  23. Hey there! Glad you found this place.
  24. Good idea briang. Breaking the goals down into bite size bits when you're at the track.
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